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Victor Wooten Live at Bass Day 1998 DVD

Victor Wooten Live at Bass Day 1998 DVD

Victor Wooten Live at Bass Day 1998 DVD - This DVD featuring bass player Victor Wooten includes his entire presentation from Bass Day '98. Accompanied by guitar and drums, Victor presents a set of amazing music that stretches from the serious thunder funk of “U Ain't Got No Groove” to classic performances of “Amazing Grace” and “Norwegian Wood.” Victor is joined on stage in a finale, by the great Oteil Burbridge. Victor also discusses his thoughts about music as a language, the tradition of the electric bass and he provides a brilliant lesson on bass technique, including exercises for developing his innovative staccato thumb/multiple pluck technique. An amazing performance filled with plenty of instruction. Special DVD Features: An additional 60-minute interview in which Victor discusses techniques that he is working on now, influences (including Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Jaco, Curtis Mayfield and Prince), practicing, inspiration, and more. Plus, Victor plays a beautiful unaccompanied solo! Multi-Language Feature: The entire program can be accessed in Spanish, German, and Japanese! Running time approx: 140 minutes.
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